About Herts Pro.

Winter 2008 Herts Pro Carpet Cleaning Van

Winter 2008

Early beginnings for HertsProCarpet.Cleaning, formerly www.irh-carpet-care.co.uk also operating under the domain www.ianthecarpetcleaner.co.uk.

In our early days, I worked mainly as a subcontracted carpet cleaner for a now-dissolved carpet cleaning franchise, working predominantly in commercial carpet cleaning within the corporate and hospitality sector.

Initial on the job field experience, coupled with basic training provided by the National Carpet Cleaners Association (NCCA).

May 2013 | Van No.2

Welcoming new member Harry Hayter to the family fun team of HertsProCarpet.Cleaning.

Now a totally independent company specialising solely in the professional cleaning of soft furnishing, carpets, and upholstery cleaning specialist within both the commercial and domestic sector, providing great value to now 100’s of valued and satisfied customer.


Herts Certified carpet cleaning specialist

2014 - 2020

2020| HertsProCarpet.Cleaning Officially became one of the UK’s most certified and experienced carpet and upholstery cleaning service providers within both the commercial and domestic sectors, being awarded Gold Standard with 10+yrs of unbroken service and providing carpet cleaning excellence by WoolSafe® with now 1000’s of satisfied clients in and around Hertfordshire. Other achievements during this period including NCCA Advanced standards and Senior Member status.

Whats New?

2021, 2022, 2023

  • Optional 100% Plant-Based Cleaning Solutions
  • Special offer last-minute deals
  • Latest innovations in carpet and upholstery cleaning equipment development
  • Infection control certification


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