Professional Carpet Spot & Stain Removal

Herts Pro Carpet Cleaning has been treating spots and stains on carpets since 2008. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee complete stain removal due to conditions beyond our control, such as type of staining, degree of spot or stain, carpet fibre type/construction, and previous DIY or non-professional cleaning attempts.

We can however attempt to remove spots or staining to the best of our ability utilising the skills gained with 15+ years of experience, the latest in cleaning science technology, and the highest level of training.

We strongly recommend consulting your insurance company and supplier (if still under warranty) before contracting a third-party carpet cleaning specialist for spot and stain removal attempts.

Herts Pro Carpet Cleaning is an independently Certified Gold Standard WoolSafe Service Provider, we work closely with the UK’s leading wool carpet manufacturer’s warranty services, including the Wool Owners Warranty Scheme.


Remember: Act Quickly Accidents will happen, if something gets spilled on your carpe, take prompt action to prevent staining.

Scrap up solids. Blot liquids. Take plenty of time, it is worth the effort, mix solutions accurately. Test it on an out-of-sight piece or sample of carpet, Always work from the outer edge of the stain to the centre. NEVER OVER WET THE CARPET. Dad rather than scrub, or rub hard. Even though you do not completely remove the stain, the correct routine will give your professional carpet cleaner the best possible chance of success.

Note: Some new carpets may have been subjected to anti-static and soil-resistant treatments. Even when these have been applied, it is wise to follow the stain removal procedures suggested.

DIY First Aid Stain Treatment

Stain Removal Attempt

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